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ZippBike is the next generation of food-delivery apps. We  bring you the best, independent restaurants across Bangkok with unrivaled delivery times and customer service. We’re adding new restaurants every week, so download our app for iOS and Android today.

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With Zippbike, you can still order your favorite beer, spirits, wine, cider and mixers online, but only with a Zippbike Business Account. Apply for our wholesale, business-to-business service and, if approved, you can have your favorite adult beverages delivered in an hour or less from Thonburi to Samut Prakan. Apply Now!

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Own a restaurant? It’s time to stop losing money on delivery! Zippbike was built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. Don’t be fooled by the big revenue the international brands promise: After huge commissions and hidden fees, there’s nothing left at the end of the month.

Locally owned, Zippbike offers the lowest fees, employ our own drivers, and provide face-to-face customer service. Contact us today to find out more!

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Use the form below to contact Zippbike by email. You can also contact us by telephone during business hours. Beverage and food delivery customers call 092-360-4881.